NYC Foodie Weekend – Pre Christmas. What a treat.

I recently went to NYC for a little fine dining and Christmas shopping.  What a weekend.  If you’ve never been to NYC between American Thanksgiving and Christmas, I highly recommend it!  Really gets you in the spirit!  We went to my favorite restaurant (in the world), Babbo – a Mario Batali restaurant – it was flawless.  My third time there and I’ve yet to order a disappointing dish!  Difficult to get a reservation but I would go and wait hours for a table or for a seat at the bar!  It’s that good!  Drink some wine while you wait…you’ll be fine!  It’s an experience!

The second night we went to Tribeca Grill.  They have a highly acclaimed wine list.  We drank well and had decent food.  If they have wine you’d like to try, the food is good enough to keep up but if you’re looking for a foodie experience, go somewhere else.  Lively atmosphere, comfortable seating, good location…worth a try BUT if you have to choose between one or the other…GO BABBO!!!

I spent hours on the Saturday wandering around EATALY!!!  I have been dieing to visit ever since it opened (a couple years ago)!  Another Mario Batali establishment that did not disappoint!  If I was to move to NYC I would want to live across from Eataly.   I would spend wayyyyyyyyyy too much time there and LOVE every moment of it.  The next best thing to Italy.  🙂  Truly a food mecca.