Toronto Ice Storm 2013 – We cooked enough for an army!

There’s a funny story behind this huge meal, and it wasn’t that Kate and I were famished.  We were hosting a holiday dinner party that Sunday evening, we woke up nice and early and dove straight into prep.  I made some homemade BBQ sauce, basted the ribs and popped them into the oven.  Kate started on the potato cheddar soup, caesar dressing, and some homemade egg nog. Sounds like a lot of food but in all fairness we had 12 people rsvp’d that night!

As the day went on we realized a bad ice storm had hit Toronto.  The news was chatting an awful lot about it, but we still had power so we carried on.   By noon our guests began to call one by one cancelling on the evening.  Some had no power and the roads were ‘apparently’ dangerous.  We didn’t see what they were talking about as we peered out our windowsbut little did we know the city was in mayhem.  People ended up without power for weeks to follow.  So there we were on the third floor, safe and sound, power intact, oven full and no guests to serve.  We ended up serving the egg nog to city workers clearing the ice filled streets, it was the least we could do considering the circumstances.

Needless to say we had a ton of left overs and enjoyed the fruits of our labour!

The night included: Kale Caesar Salad, 2 Racks of Ribs, Potato Cheddar Soup & Homemade Egg Nog!

Eggnog Supreme

In large punchbowl, combine:

12 egg yolks
1 cup granulated sugar

Beat until lemon coloured and thick.

Then slowly add:
13 oz. brandy
26 oz. rye or rum
2 cups light cream

Beat to blend well and chill one hour or overnight to allow egg to mellow. Then beat 12 egg whites until stiff. Beat 3 cups whipping cream in a large bowl. Fold in egg whites and then add to yolk mixture in punch bowl. Sprinkle with grated nutmeg.

ribsIce Storm Dinner Collage

Ice Storm Potato Cheddar Soup




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