Osteria Tulia – Naples, FL

One of my favorite restaurants in Naples, Florida is Campiello…it has been for years.  When I read that the former chef from Campiello, Vincenzo Betulia, opened a new restaurant on 5th called Tulia, I couldn’t wait to check it out!  It’s very different from Campiello – although both serve Italian cuisine, each restaurant has completely different menu’s, atmosphere and vibe.  Tulia offers indoor and outdoor seating, right on the main street of Naples – 5th Ave.  You can sit inside and take in the high energy environment (avg age had to be 65 when I was there and the place was still hoppin’! – they also had March Madness playing on the bar TV’s) or you can sit outside and enjoy the lovely spring weather of Southwest Florida and people watch and family’s walk by with ice cream in hand.  It was a perfect way to arrive in Naples for the Easter long weekend…I settled right in and enjoyed…

The linguine with clams was a dish worth returning for!  For dessert we had budino with salted caramel (and I believe dark cherries?)…this was a life changer…one of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted!  Can’t wait to return next year!  Good job Tulia!



One thought on “Osteria Tulia – Naples, FL

  1. Hi: Looks and sounds yummie… Peggy

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