Los Angeles Restaurants. Mr. Chow, Cut, Tasting Kitchen, Gjelina, Madeo, etc

Last month, I spent 5 glorious days in Los Angeles with a few friends who had rented a house in Venice Beach.  We had great meals everyday!  If you’re going to be in LA anytime soon, make sure to check out where we ate because we found some great spots to dine!  Gjelina’s got me addicted to dark greens and I’ve been salad binging ever since I got home!  If I lived in Venice Beach, I’d have a hard time venturing away from the main strip (Abott Kinney) because I would eat at Madeao, lunch & dinner, every day of the week!  It’s perfect, casual dining.  Madeo gave us our celeb spotting fix!  We were amongst Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres, Portia De Rossi, Hayden Christensen – after the Emmy’s!  Mr. Chow lived up to it’s great praise from my Dad!  He just loves it there and it ended up being our last and favorite dinner of the trip!  We ordered the Balanced and Harmonious Two Course Dinner From the sky, land, and Sea – $64 per person – (that’s the way to dine here) served with vegetables and sautéed rice.  Tasting Kitchen was fun in Venice Beach and we brought out own fabulous Napa wine (a first for me doing corkage).  Take a look and the photos…you’ll be drooling!










One thought on “Los Angeles Restaurants. Mr. Chow, Cut, Tasting Kitchen, Gjelina, Madeo, etc

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