F’AMELIA – not sure what I like more, the restaurant name or the food!

After hearing much buzz and reading about the recent opening of F’Amelia in Cabbagetown (Amelia St.), I finally made my way to try this pizzeria style, family appropriate restaurant.  The menu is interesting with lots of options for those looking for more than a Caprese salad or Pasta Bolognese.  I had the risotto with asparagus and local Ontario grown ramp and it was fantastic.  The dishes tasted “earthy”, if you can understand.  Reminded me more of dining on Michael Stadtlander’s farm rather than someone’s kitchen in Italy – I don’t mean that with any negativity – food is great and I will be back soon to give their pizza a go!  It looked yummy!  🙂  Very cute Cabbagetown cottage style restaurant…