3.5 hour wait and all…Grand Electric lived up to every outstanding comment I’ve heard!

You can’t read a Toronto restaurant review publication these days without catching praise for newly opened Grand Electric (Mexican cuisine).  They don’t take reservations and there is not a time you can go where the wait wil be less than an hour but trust me, if you like Mexican food YOU MUST TRY THIS!  There are plenty of bars in the area to kill some time (makes for a fun night to start drinking at 6pm, ;-)).  It’s a small restaurant with a cool vibe and outstanding eats!  A back yard patio opens for the summer – with the crazy long waits for a table, I’ll be waiting until then to go back again!  But I’ll be dreaming of beef cheek taco’s in the mean time…YUM!  Greasing the door man will not work.  Thought crossed our minds…



Don’t think I won’t be making this, this Summer! Yum!

Free ice cream sandwich’s a Saks inspired me!  Peanut Butter cookies (follow recipe of Kraft peanut butter jar but flatten cookies to make large round flat shaped cookie) and best quality peanut butter ice cream of gelato that you can get your hands on!  Can’t wait for hot weather so I can make this!

Does that not look close to perfect?

Bye bye Florida...it was a blast!

Campiello Naples Florida. Old reliable…

Finished my little Florida trip with a send off from Campiello.  Always reliable.  My ravioli blew my mind…

See you next Winter, Naples.